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Graham Jones will be hosting a ministry tour in Ireland in November 2016. This will be a wonderful opportunity to be personally involved in missions, visit Ireland, to grow both in your relationship with God and in hands on ministry to people. The trip will last for one week; from November 8-15, 2016.

Graham Jones will be speaking at a weekend conference with YWAM in addition to holding revival services in several other churches. For the last 3 years Graham has opened up this trip to Ireland to a small group.


Those who come will have the opportunity to minister with Graham during the evening meetings. The group will be based in a beautiful Irish cottage near the market town of Banbridge. Each day will begin with a time of worship and two teaching/mentoring sessions from Graham. These mentoring sessions will be based on the theme of "The Unveiling - Discovering the glory of our identity in Christ." The afternoon's will be free and each evening Graham will visit a different church in Ireland to minister with the team. This will be a valuable opportunity to receive practical teaching and training in ministering Gods power.


During the week there will also be a "Treasure Hunt" in the beautiful city of Belfast. This will be an opportunity for those who wish to pray for the sick in the streets and believe God for words of knowledge that will lead to people turning to Christ.




There will also be several opportunities to go shopping, eat out in restaurants and visit some of the famous tourist attractions of this beautiful nation.


There will be also an opportunity for each member of the group to receive personal ministry, impartation and mentoring. Missions is the heart of God and this could be an opportunity to step into your personal ministry in a new dimension, to make new contacts and friends and perhaps to be the first of many visits to the Emerald Isle.





The cost of the trip will be $1300 which will cover the following:


* All Accommodation expenses
* All travel within Ireland
* All meals and tips (excluding any additional special meals in restaurants)
* Participation in Conference
* Daily mentoring sessions


Each participant would be responsible for:


* Air travel to Ireland. (Current price approx. $500)
* Personal expenses such as shopping etc.




NEW: Graham has a page of resourses for those wishing to raise money for mission here


Part of the journey of growing in God and stepping into ministry is to learn to believe God for finance. Graham has a teaching on how to raise support for missions. Please contact him if you would like some help in this. To find out more or sign up for this trip you can visit our website or email to Graham personally, email him at



To reserve a place on the Missions Trip you need to leave a deposit of $250 US. This deposit is non refundable if you need to cancel the trip. The balence is payable 2 weeks before the date of the trip.